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Introducing MUDRAT the first British UTV brand

MUDRAT is the first British UTV brand designed with British farmers and landowners in mind. In recognition that quads and American designed UTV’s don’t fully cater for the British landscape. MUDRAT approached the development of its UTV’s from an understanding of British terrain and conditions.

800cc Perkins Diesel UTV

We have pulled out all the stops with the MUDRAT 800. As a British company that has tested the UTV on Welsh Hills, this UTV is sure to blow you away. We have used a genuine Perkins Diesel Engine and a high performance CVT drive supplied by CVTech in Canada. This combined with our sharp pricing brings you the best value Diesel UTV you will find in the UK.

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Excitement mounts around the launch of MUDRAT

The diesel-powered MUDRAT 800D, built in Bridgend, has been described as an ‘ATV on steroids’. A ground-breaking ATV hybrid built in Wales is being launched this weekend by a business tycoon who made his fortune with off-road running shoes. The diesel-powered MUDRAT 800D, likened to a “quad on steroids”, was conceived by Wayne Edy, a Zimbabwe-born businessman whose Inov-8 brand now sells sports footwear in 65 countries.

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Gareth Wyn Jones trials the MUDRAT 800cc

Following on from the success of the MUDRAT 800cc, Hill Farmer Gareth Wyn Jones is trialing the MUDRAT 800cc. Gareth is helping trial and improve our MUDRAT range by using it intensively on his farm in the Snowdonia National Park. Like MUDRAT, Gareth believes in the value of home grown goods that is why he is working with us and his feedback is what sets us apart from other UTV’s. His new series called “farm and the food chain” is aired BBC Wales on Monday 8.30pm

Farmers Weekly reviews the MUDRAT 800

Farmers in the market for a diesel farm buggy now have another name to add to their potential shopping list – Mudrat 4×4. Designed specifically to tackle the UK’s challenging conditions, the Welsh-built Mudrat has been given an 800cc Perkins diesel engine, a CVT transmission and a tipping rear load deck that can carry 300kg. Max power is a fairly steady 20.4hp, but that’s enough for it to haul around an 800kg braked trailer and propel it to a top speed of 40kph.

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Our UTV's

MUDRAT Have a selection of UTV's for hire. Please contact us direct for more details.

Mudrat 800cc Perkins Diesel UTV
Price available on request.
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