About Mudrat

The First British UTV Brand


MUDRAT UTV is the first British utility vehicle brand designed with British farmers and landowners in mind. In recognition that quads and American designed UTV’s don’t fully cater for the British landscape. MUDRAT approached the development of its UTV vehicle from an understanding of British terrain and conditions.

A Powerful & Efficient Choice

We’ve pulled out all the stops with MUDRAT 4×4. Starting with the high-performance Perkins Diesel Engine. MUDRAT utility vehicles are designed to move quickly and efficiently across the land without churning up the ground underneath. The high 28cm ground clearance combined with a wide wheelbase provide excellent stability and grip, making it the ideal choice for changeable British terrain and weather conditions.

MUDRAT_800 UTV off road vehicle_deerpark_1

Features & Accessories

MUDRAT UTV’s provide a combination of features and accessories, which are not available on most UTVs. The MUDRAT 800 has seats side-by-side, can carry/tow large weights and has a variety of safety features such as hazard warning lights and seat belts.

1 Year MUDRAT Warranty, 2 Year Perkins Warranty

MUDRAT Is a British company, tested on the Welsh Hills, with British framers and landowners need in mind. All MUDRAT UTV’s come with a 1-year MUDRAT warranty and a 2-year Perkins engine warranty. The Mudrat 800 UTV is sure to blow you away.

MUDRAT_800_UTV off road vehicle_3

To find out more please call +44 (0)1446 781900 or email enquiries@mudrat4x4.com

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